CAD DraUGHting & Design Services

DraUGHting is a key part of the design process at Strata Group.

Our experienced Design team offers a wide range of expertise from from manual drafting on smaller projects, through to 2D and 3D draughting and modeling using the latest technology in CAD design.

Every project is different – from large commercial and industrial structures through to architecturally designed residential projects.  We have worked on car parks, residential extensions, hotels, hospitals, bridges, retaining walls, wineries and every structure in between.

Strata Group offers a full draughting service, specialising in CAD drawing for architectural, structural, civil, fire and seismic projects depending on your requirements:

  • CAD draughtng for architectural, structural & civil projects

  • CAD management of contract documentation

  • Revit and 3D modeling of buildings

  • Shop Drawings using Tekla Structures

  • Manual draughting

  • Structural detailing and design

  • Architectural & structural documentation

  • Civil design

  • Material take-off reports (for costings)

The Strata Group Approach

Backed by Industry Knowledge

We incorporate quality methodologies, industry “best practice”, thorough knowledge of latest industry standards and legislation, ultimately enhancing excellent design outcomes. We are delighted to receive industry awards for our innovative designs.

Innovative Technology

Using the latest design software we can produce plans and models to an outstanding level of detail, as and when required. Helping clients to visualise a project early on, ensures we’re all on the same page.

Electronic modelling can enable simple and accurate material costings, increases project productivity and reduces costs.

“DraUGHting with the X factor”

We’ll identify the right design tool for the right job – we won’t take a sledgehammer, to crack a walnut.

Culture of Collaboration

From early design stages and on site, designers are given feedback as they work. Ensuring workability, a crucial factor in successful design development and adaptation stages. We are pragmatic. Excellent communication with other designers, specialists and contractors ensures improved design quality, smooth project co-ordination between disciplines, and ultimately reduces project costs for clients.