Geo-tech & Fire Engineering

Our Geo-tech & Fire Engineering teams add value with a key service around Health and Safety, the protection of lives, buildings, and businesses in the occurrence of seismic or fire events.


Strata Group have a long history of geotech experience. Industry wide lessons have been learnt from the significant Earthquake events in NZ in recent years. Extensive observation and research has now shown that buildings that were properly conceived, designed, detailed, and constructed performed well in these events, irrespective of their age. The appropriate foundation system for a building is critical to the success, and must be suited to the Geo-tech conditions of the soil.

We identify robust and resilient solutions appropriate to site specific requirements. Our experience covers many significant projects, complex sites and all types of soils:

  • initial assessment of project complexity at the outset.
  • review records and existing data in the vicinity of the new project to understand the local geology.
  • recommend whether specialist Geotech Engineer and/or contractor should undertake site specific geotech testing.
  • work alongside expert Geotech engineers.
  • guide clients towards determine the appropriate foundation solutions.
  • as always balancing risks, with safety and costs for the best design.

Fire Engineering Expertise

We assess, design and implement fire safety precautions and fire spread prevention needed for individual properties and buildings. Our proven track record of providing cost effective Fire Engineering solutions, has been gained dealing with a variety of buildings from industrial, commercial, retail through to residential projects:

  • Comprehensive Assessment and Reporting of Fire implications of structures
  • Strategic design to maximize fire safety, efficiency and minimize cost
  • Use of appropriate materials for construction, evaluation and selection for both above ground and underground installations
  • Trusted relationships with Local Authorities, technical Fire Detection, Protection and Fire Fighting experts to call on.
  • Implementation of recommendations and requirements.

Strata Group’s Advantage

Comprehensive Knowhow

we bring extensive knowledge of this specific legislation, and the statutory requirements (such as the New Zealand Building Code and C/AS 1-7). We ensure project compliance, and the implementation of “Acceptable Solutions”, and the right balance of safety and buildability.

Adding Value

Strategic operators, we go the extra mile to understand our client’s future requirements.  We recognize when and how to incorporate the right expertise in a project, complementing the design process in the best way.

Experts on Hand

We work with a number of nation-wide experts who specialise in highly technical Geo-tech, fire detection, fire protection and fire fighting systems. Our longstanding relationships and good communication ensure we receive excellent, prompt service from our external specialist providers, contributing to a timely, quality cost effective project.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

Phil Jackson, basketball coach