Seismic Assessment & Engineering

We are the trusted provider of a full range of Seismic Assessment & Engineering services throughout the country

Following the significant earthquake events occurring in NZ over the past decade, we have dealt with a very wide range of structures, from listed heritage buildings to new structures, for sectors from industrial, commercial, educational right through to residential. We offer an independent, comprehensive, seismic risk assessment service.

Whether existing structures or new designs, either at the outset of a project, or during project construction. We offer a variety of seismic services, incorporating geotech, seismic and structural expertise:

  • Determination of seismic hazard including ground shaking intensity and liquefaction susceptibility
  • Survey and assessment of the seismic performance of existing structures and equipment
  • Advice on earthquake damage repair costs for insurance purposes
  • Guidance on earthquake risk management options for critical infrastructure
  • Analysis for seismic loads and design for seismic resistance
  • Development of earthquake strengthening schemes through to construction documentation
  • Implementation, including use of appropriate materials, and methods of construction
  • Comprehensive risk assessment of earthquake damage to buildings and infrastructure

Strata Group’s Approach

Recognised Industry Experts

Offering detailed knowledge of the changing landscape of New Zealand’s safety and design standards, legislation, best practice and proven methodologies around seismic safety. Health and Safety underlies everything we do at Strata Group.  We embrace innovation and new technology.

Pragmatic, Ethical, Trustworthy

Our independent seismic expertise ensures clients can make fully informed decisions as to the feasibility and best way forward on a project, balancing cost with safety and buildability of a structure.

“People People”

We have invested in key stakeholder relationships with councils, service providers and contractors. We have expertise, but we recognise when we need to call in the specialists. Good communication ensures clients understand the requirements and options available to them, enhancing good decision making and minimising project costs.